What we will have in result? Part 1.

Solar controller DIY

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Solar controller SR1188
Serial controller SR1188, $200

In this article I want to tell you about how to make a controller for solar collector with own hands.

Almost every fan of solar energy is faced with the problem of choosing a controller for solar collectors. Of course, the market is teeming with offers and diversity, but as always bites price! Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a considerable amount of their money in just a slight improvement, moving to a new version of the controller.

I also was faced with such problem. My serial controller has not coped with the task - it was not able to properly operate the system with two tanks. And I paid about $100 for this controller. After that, I bought a more advanced controller for solar collectors with price $200. This one was supported more schemes and could record data onto SD card. When I had to do online monitor of my system, I realized that it will take too much money... And then came the idea to go by a completely different way - to do this controller for solar collectors to fit my needs! Given the fact that I have the formation of "programmer", this way I do not much frightened, and uncertainty was attracted...

And finally i have got the next:

#1. Classical 1 tank scheme. House4u solar project - solar controller DIY! #2. My scheme, 2 tanks.

See brief project description here.

It took about half of year to complete this task. I hope this article will help you to reduce this time to a minimum, as has already been done much work for you. You do not have to be a programmer or engineer - in fact I wrote the program for you! The project requires little or no soldering or special skills. All you have to do - it's a clear implementation instructions and desire.

I want to warn you. This material is large. If you have not heard anything at all about Arduino, or heard about it only vaguely, it is not recommended to swallow this article at a time!

Article is altruistic - is to teach people to make inexpensive and multifunctional solar controller, but it also has subgoal - to raise funds for further development and support of this project. And here it is not about the whole project house4u - namely the separate part - House4u Solar Project.

What we will have? Finally, you will have a solar controller, with cost about $35, which performs many of the functions of my factory solar controller! The base version of the firmware supports two connection schemes, and has such features:

Overheating protectionFrost protectionBypass
Menu, configurationAntilegionellaSD record
FlowmeterSolar power metterHeating scheduled
Several schemes*

*Other schemes will be added in future, at the request of users. Pretty lyrics, lets start!

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