Assemble into the case #2. Part 16.

Assemble into the case #2

Then follow the instructions we start to connect all parts one by one! LCD display, clock module, an SD card slot, encoder, temperature sensors, power relays ... After each stage, preferably still, run a test to make sure that we did not mess up.

Here, for example, without a single soldering using only terminals WAGO i connected all 4 temperature sensor. Of course, the sensors are soldered, but you have the option to order them already with soldered wires!

Connection of DS18B20

Connecting temperature sensors via terminal blocks WAGO, without soldering

To make it more convenient to connect the pumps and heater to the relays, and do not open every time the controller's box, it is better to put wires.

Wires for relay's outputs

For the convenience, we carry out wires for all relay outputs

Hold wires in contact NO (normally open / not closed)

Connection of relay module

Clip wires in the relay contacts

Connect to the relay power and control contacts, according to our scheme

Supplying relay module

Connecting control contacts and power

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