Firmware. Part 18.


On this page you can download the latest version of firmware for house4u-controller solar collectors. If you have any suggestions for improvements or amendments - you can do it on the forum or write on email, specified at the bottom of this article.

This text added six months later, after writing an article:

After half a year after the release of the first firmware, I realized that my hopes of obtaining funds to support the project did not materialize. Here we have in mind only work upon firmware and write instructions for creating controller. Do not worry, the free option will not disappear, you will still be able to download the latest version of firmware for your controller. But I decided to create a "improved" firmware, but not free! Although the "fee" can be regarded as purely symbolic. The price of improved firmware is a little more than ~ 100 UAH, or 4.95 USD that is actually not much.

What added to this "improved"? Firmware called MEGA CtrlM and apart from the usual functions of the controller contains the functions of local and global web-monitors. Now you can watch your system using a computer, phone, tablet, etc ... Also, support for up to 6 programmable intervals for heating schedule up to 8 temperature sensors and humidity sensors to 3. I think a very small fee for this functionality.

If you are still lost in all of this, and just want to download a free firmware for the device, the assembly of which is described in this article, click the "Download page ..." button and there click on the button "Download" in column MEGA. This is a free version of the firmware. In the resulting window, you have to enter your email address and click "I agree", and then downloading of firmware will begin. Why do I need your email? Mail notification will come only when new firmware versions and hardware improvements controller.

UPDATE: Also I have designed a PCB motherboard for this project. You may see photos here. If you want to buy this board please email me to info@house4u.com.ua I may ship it almost to every country.

Installation instructions:

  • Download the firmware archive and unzip.
  • Run XLoader app from XLoader folder
  • Choose the path for solarproject-v1_10.cpp.hex file (version may be changed)
  • In 'Device' combo choose Mega(ATMEGA2560)
  • In 'COM port' combo select Arduino's COM port.
  • Do not touch 'Baud rate' and press 'Upload' button

Unzip downloaded file:

Follow the instructions:


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