Tool set #1. Part 2.

Tool set #1

If somebody have not understood yet,will tell you that our controller we will make using the Arduino platform.

For those who first hears about Arduino. The main board is somewhat similar to the motherboard of the computer to which you can connect additional expansion cards. With Arduino we have similar situation. There are so many plugins that allow you to make from Arduino almost everything: weather station controllers, smart home systems, alarms, various robots, etc. All of these expansion cards are sold at the same store where you are going to buy the main board Arduino MEGA.

What do we need to build the controller? Here's a short list:

Consider the following list in details:

  • Arduino MEGA 2560 board. At the current moment I have written already about 4 thousand lines and will be even more. So the firmware size is about 64KB of memory. This means that the controller is suitable only for Arduino MEGA. More small Arduino boards, such as: Arduino Nano, Uno, Leonardo and so on are unsuitable - because their memory is not large enough to store the firmware. I use the Arduino MEGA 2560 Rev3, given that they are quite cheap, especially if you buy directly from China, via the website aliexpress. In addition, solar controller uses 27 digital inputs, and rest of arduino boards contain only 14. So, you still need to use the Arduino MEGA, which has 54 digital inputs-outputs.

    Arduino MEGA 2560 board

    Do not be afraid of the word "firmware". You do not require any special programming knowledge and do not need any additional hardware. Arduino MEGA board is simply connected via USB cable to a computer, and through a special program you may upload the firmware.

  • DS1307 clock module

    DS1307 clock module

    To be always kept up with the times.

  • LCD display 1602 or 2004

    We need a such LCD display to show the system parameters and change controller's settings.

    LCD display 1602 Arduino

    LCD display 1602 is the most readily available and inexpensive LCD display. But display 2004 is also popular. You may use any of them, because the firmware supports both displays. 1602 - this display with two lines of 16 characters each. 2004 - There are 4 lines of 20 characters.

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