Tool set #2. Part 3.

Tool set #2

What else do we need to build the controller?

  • Encoder and resistor 10K

    This little "joystick" which is called the encoder will allow to operate our controller - make changes into the settings and view the various states of the system. He is able to rotate to the left, right and perform the function of pressing. To work correctly, we need a resistor of 10K (10 kilohms)

    Arduino Encoder

  • Four temperature sensors DS18B20 + four resistors 4.7K

    Of course, that without temperature sensor controller will not be able to perform its functions - it's eyes and ears. We will need 4 temperature sensors DS18B20 and four 4.7K resistor (4.7 k ohms).

    Temperature sensor DS18B20

  • Relay module with 4 outputs.

    To control the actuators: the pump and the electric heater, we need to use relay. If you have a scheme with 1 pump and no heater, you'll like the relay unit with 1 output.

    Arduino relay module

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