Tool set #3. Part 4.

Tool set #3

What do we need to build the controller?

  • SD Card Module

    If we want to log data, we will need the SD module card + SD card.

    Arduino SD Card Module Slot

  • 4 clock buttons and 4 resistors 10K. Optional

    These buttons are not necessary, and needed only in case if we want to manage by using keystrokes instead of the encoder. In this case, we will need 4 buttons and 4 10K resistor.

    clock buttons

    In fact, you may use any buttons that you have in your house - stick to the old consoles, remote control toys, and so on...

  • DC power supply 9-12V or 5V.

    Our controller may be powered by DC 5-12V. Current 1-2A desirable. In some cases, we may need another power supply to 5V. Explanations about this are described below in the 'The relay unit 1 or 4 outputs' paragraph.

    DC power supply 9-12V or 5V.

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