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On this page you can download the latest version of firmware for the house4u-solar controller. If you have suggestions for improvements or amendments - you can do it in the forum or write on email, specified at the bottom of this article.

Comparison of controllers UNO MEGA MEGA Mon MEGA CtrlM MEGA ExTrM
Price of firmware $free$free $free$4.95 $15
Counting the produced heat +++++
Water flow meter +++++
Frost protection ++-++
Support date and time +++++
Synchronization with the NTP-time server --+++
Automatic Daylight Saving Time --+++
Manual mode for outpusts P1-P4 ++-++
Select the type of coolant +++++
Possibility to choose coolant "Air" -++++
Bypass ++-++
1-tank shceme ++-++
2-tank shceme, with priority -+-++
LCD 16x02 +++++
LCD 20x04 -++++
Antilegionella -+-++
Heating boiler scheduled -+-++
The number of time slots scheduled for heating heater -4-66
Electric heating of boiler -+-++
Ability to add new schemes -+-++
Recording to SD memory card -++++
Solar power sensor +++++
Buttons control +++++
Encoder control -++++
Number of outputs 24-44
Number of temperature sensors 24888
Number of humidity sensors --333
Web-monitor --+++
Local Web-monitor ---++
Web-monitor license fee nana++-
Local Web-monitor license fee nanana--
Remote control via the local web-monitor nanana++
Setup and configuration through a local web-monitor ---++
Download current version

Warning! For more information about the web-monitors click here. Use google translate, for now...

Versions history. All changes and brief information about the project click here.

What is the web-monitor or global web-Monitor? It gives possibility to watch all system parameters from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Of course, that your controller should have installed WiFi ESP8266 module and granted access to the Internet. Example of the global web-monitor.

What is the local web-monitor? It is a small web-based interface that allows you to connect to the controller from your home network. Typically, this coverage to your WiFi-router, if you have any. At this point, through a monitor you can watch the current system parameters to control pumps and display all system settings. Changing and setting of the parameters via the local web-monitor will be added in the future. Look "simulation" of the local web-monitor here. Press "Settings" button in local web-monitor to see all possible features.

For now, the local web-monitor works best on mobile devices. On the PC, the page loads very problematic. In addition, the simultaneous using of global and local web-monitors may hang function of the local web-monitor

Installation instructions:

  • Download the firmware archive and unzip.
  • Run XLoader app from XLoader folder
  • Choose the path for solarproject-v1_16_CRCXXXXXX.hex file (version may be changed)
  • In 'Device' combo choose Mega(ATMEGA2560)
  • In 'COM port' combo select Arduino's COM port.
  • Do not touch 'Baud rate' and press 'Upload' button

Unzip downloaded file:

Follow the instructions:


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